Aug 062013

Well all I can say is that at exactly this time yesterday, I was ready to bounce the hell out of Paris.

I wasn’t feeling the vibe on my 2nd trip here in 5 years but that all changed following one integral decision I made yesterday – change hostels.  For 3 nights I was staying at the highly regarded Le Village Hostel in Montmartre and whilst is was relatively clean and the staff were nice, it lacked big time on atmosphere.  In 3 days I don’t think I spoke with a single person staying there.

Yesterday, I checked into the brand new St Christopher hostel in Gare Du Nord.  Not only is this place massive, new and modern – it is also a party hostel with a great atmosphere. It helps a lot when there is a huge bar and social area right within the entrance of the hostel.

Shortly after I checked in yesterday, I made friends with my roommate from Quebec – Alex.  Having a wingman that speaks French is a real bonus, even though most people find him difficult to understand as the Canadian French accent is difficult for the locals to comprehend but who am I to complain.

Anyway, I can’t really reveal too much about my adventures last night except to say that it has catapulted Paris to number 1 place on my soloworldtour rankings.  (And for those that have a 1-track mind it’s not for that reason). I am suffering a little today with a nasty hangover but a couple more Gatorade will hopefully fix that.

Adventures just take on a whole new dimension when you are in a foreign country and don’t understand the local language. Essentially relying on people’s tone and expression makes things so much more fun.

So, today I’m checking out the Catacombs of Paris with Alex and Jason (another guy we met in the hostel).  We will follow that up with a French dinner at a local restaurant with a bunch of locals I met via a couchsurfing event.

Vive La France!

Catacombs of Paris -  is an underground ossuary which holds the remains of about six million people.

Catacombs of Paris – is an underground ossuary which holds the remains of about six million people.


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