Jun 122013

So I have been in the USA for nearly 4 days and it’s definitely time for an update.

As much as I enjoy Fiji, I’m so glad I made the call to leave early. This is my third visit to the USA and I love this country more and more with each visit.

So where do I start??? Accommodation maybe… My first 2 nights I stayed in a place called StayONBeverly which is a hostel “of sorts”. It has about 10 individual rooms, with 3 shared bathrooms. Its run by a guy called Bo and is located on Beverly/Western near Koreatown. For $55 per night (plus tax) it’s a bargain but what holds it back is the location which is about 30 mins from all the action of Hollywood.

Today, I checked into a boutique hostel called Podshare in Hollywood which so far has been really good but I’ll update more on this later during my stay. This is my first ever hostel stay thanks to some motivation from a friend and I’m glad I made the decision, it definitely adds to the social element of solo travel.



Last night I stayed in Santa Ana (part of Orange County) which is about 2 hours travel via public transport or a 45 min drive from Hollywood. I went there to see the GZA – original member of the Wu-Tang Clan which is one of my all-time favourite bands. I have seen the Wu perform twice before but this show could not be beaten for the intimacy of the venue – Constellation Room (part of The Observatory). I was right up front for the entire show which lasted over 4 hours including the support acts.  The quality of some of the support acts was outstanding, particularly the rapper that was on right before GZA – definitely some talent there. (Check out my pics in the gallery as well)

GZA arrived late and didn’t get on stage until after midnight. The wait was definitely worth it. He has much love for his fans and was constantly shaking hands and interacting with the crowd.  He even walked into the crowd and performed during the end of his set – you can see the video in the Tour Videos section. It was well worth all the travel to Santa Ana to see the show, definitely a highlight of my short trip thus far.  I enjoyed it so much that I’m heading back to Santa Ana this Sunday to see the Geto Boys.

My Top 5 observations of LA in 3 days:

1. Public transport absolutely sucks here. Car is KING! Unlike NYC and many other capital cities, there is no substantial metro system and buses service most areas. Travel time on PT is usually double what it takes by car. Tip: If you are getting PT and are here for a week buy a weekly unlimited pass for $20 (Individual fares each cost $1.50 so unlimited is the way to go).

Killa Priest

Killa Priest

2. Marijuana is basically legal here. People are lighting up basically everywhere and I hear it is decriminalised in California. In addition, it is legal for medical use.  Killa Priest’ t-shirt (picture left) sums it up quite nicely.

3. Everything just works in the USA. Google Maps (with Public Transport directions and times), Yelp, Craigslist and the list go on and on. There is a huge amount of content on these sites and everything just links so seamlessly and without effort.

4. There is definitely some ‘No Go Zones’ especially after dark. South LA, East LA especially and even the Motel 6 I stayed at in Santa Ana. You need to be careful I guess, especially if you are female. But my philosophy is if you don’t mess with people, they generally don’t mess with you.

5. The food here is truly awesome with so much variety due to the huge multicultural influence. Obviously being so close to Mexico, I have had some of the best tacos ever. Korean is also popular with a huge Korean population in Koreatown. But really, like Melbourne you can get whatever you want, ANYTIME you want. Apps like Yelp just make it so easy.

I’m in Hollywood for another week so will add another post before I’m out.  Peace.

Jun 082013

Well, it’s my final night in Suva and my original itinerary had me heading over to Nadi for 10 days to soak up some sun in preparation for the USA.

This morning I made the call to exit Fiji all together, all I can say is I’m just not feeling the vibe here this visit. Apart from a brief glimpse of sunshine earlier this week, it literally has not stopped raining. Whilst that is typical for Suva, June through to August is typically the drier months but the past 8 days have been verging on torrential.

I guess Suva is not quite the same anymore without a lot of the crew here. In my previous posts I mentioned I visited frequently for work, but now that much of those people have left, it is just not the same. This week I avoided the rain by working out at the USP gym non-stop and also watched The Great Gatsby which was released in Fiji yesterday (6th June).

So I’m off to the USA tomorrow (LAX) where the tempo will pick up big time. I have been checking out some upcoming hip hop concerts around the USA and seriously can’t wait to update on those.

I did manage to do some street talk on the streets of Suva this week; one lady in particular was a real gem and she makes up my first tour video. It should be in the tour videos section soon otherwise you can view direct on my YouTube channel here http://youtu.be/xCOAJmOrgGs

Hope you enjoy, my next update will be from Westside.