Jun 082013

Well, it’s my final night in Suva and my original itinerary had me heading over to Nadi for 10 days to soak up some sun in preparation for the USA.

This morning I made the call to exit Fiji all together, all I can say is I’m just not feeling the vibe here this visit. Apart from a brief glimpse of sunshine earlier this week, it literally has not stopped raining. Whilst that is typical for Suva, June through to August is typically the drier months but the past 8 days have been verging on torrential.

I guess Suva is not quite the same anymore without a lot of the crew here. In my previous posts I mentioned I visited frequently for work, but now that much of those people have left, it is just not the same. This week I avoided the rain by working out at the USP gym non-stop and also watched The Great Gatsby which was released in Fiji yesterday (6th June).

So I’m off to the USA tomorrow (LAX) where the tempo will pick up big time. I have been checking out some upcoming hip hop concerts around the USA and seriously can’t wait to update on those.

I did manage to do some street talk on the streets of Suva this week; one lady in particular was a real gem and she makes up my first tour video. It should be in the tour videos section soon otherwise you can view direct on my YouTube channel here http://youtu.be/xCOAJmOrgGs

Hope you enjoy, my next update will be from Westside.

May 302013

After 2 months of planning and anticipation, my solo world tour has finally commenced and I find myself in an all too familiar destination to kick things off – Fiji.

Fiji and I have a long and treasured track record spanning almost 8 years of regular visits. During my corporate days at Optus I attended a few ‘Pacesetter’ award conferences in Denarau which were fun. But my fondest of memories are those where I would visit one of my main contact centre accounts which set up operations in Suva around 7 years ago.

Whilst Denarau is the tourist mecca, Suva is the capital and is where most of the local action happens. During this stay I plan on spending a week or so in Suva and then onto the Coral Coast.

So here we go… a short and sweet 1st post to kick off my world tour.

Stay tuned.